Lexis is a 41-year-old transgender woman, a resident of Gonzalez, CA. She came to the United States as a 1-year-old baby. During her detention with ICE, she came out as transgender, sharing her life story filled with abuse, trauma, and hope for a better future for herself. While in detention, she has shared her story to advocate for the better treatment of transgender persons and access to medical treatment for gender confirmation.

Her family is struggling to raise the funds needed to see Lexis free again. If released, Lexis will continue her gender confirmation treatment while continuing to advocate for the recognition betterment of the transgender population. 

The sooner we are able to raise $10,000 for her bond, the sooner she will be safe and home with her family during these frightening times. 

Any money raised for Lexis over our goal amount will be used to free other detainees from ICE custody.



$10,000 GOAL

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